Ok guys. Wedding season is fast approaching and the planning clock is ticking. Raise your hand if you're starting to drown in all those little details? A few years ago, I would have had both hands raised high with an SOS sign held high. 

So TRUST me, I've been in exactly your place. I remember making giant lists of all the little things I needed in order to decorate every corner of my wedding venue. So in a three-part series,  I'm going to walk you through some of those "day of" wedding items you keep hearing so much about. First up- Wedding Signage. 

Wedding signs, if thought through well, can be the most cost-effective wedding decor you buy. Why? They are some of the only items used on your wedding day that you can actually use or repurpose for your home afterwards. So let's talk about planning and how you can make hand-lettered signs a part of your wedding budget! 

Chalkboards and Mirrors

IMG_6189 (1).JPG
IMG_6199 (1).JPG

The best part about having a calligrapher write on chalkboards or mirrors is that it can be erasable (as along as you request that, of course). And instead of renting these items, you can purchase something that you want to reuse in your home after the wedding and voila, you've already re-purposed some of your signage. Mirrors can make for beautiful menus, ceremony programs or even seating charts. And chalkboards can be used for welcome signs and then honestly have limitless uses for after your wedding. The easiest way to make this work is to use a local calligrapher who is willing to pick-up and drop-off or who you can deliver the items too.  SO, shameless plug-  if you're local to DFW and want to use a calligrapher to write on some of your wedding items, i'm your girl. Just send an email aislinn@properletterco.com .


Laser Cut Signs

Don't even get me started about laser cut signs. They are my FAVORITE. A last name laser cut, cheers sign or short phrase seriously elevate all of your wedding decor. AND you guessed it...you can easily find a place for these in your home after your big day. 



Wood and Acrylic Signs

While wood and acrylic options aren't usually erasable, they are the perfect option for displaying custom wall art after your wedding. A great example of this is a welcome sign that simply has your names and wedding date, which is a unique way to memorialize your wedding date in your home. I also LOVE when brides choose bible verses or quotes to showcase at their wedding, which obviously can be repurposed afterwards as well. An example could be an acrylic bar sign, maybe something cute like "Trust me you can dance- Vodka" which can be reused near your "bar" at home as well! 

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So here's what I know. Hand lettered signage can definitely be pricey. There is a lot of time and effort that calligraphers put into each custom sign and sometimes budgeting for this kind of stuff isn't always doable. But I also believe that personalized decor, like the signage mentioned above, can seriously elevate your wedding vibes and make your decor truly unique to you and your groom. I have used almost all of my own wedding signs somewhere in my small apartment and every time I see a piece, it take me back to my dream of a wedding. And let's be honest, marriage isn't always a cake walk, so those little reminders of our #bestdayever are priceless. 

Most of these signs are available in my shop here: www.etsy.com/shop/properletter or you can contact me directly here